Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunny Days and Sunny Ways

Today we got our first home visit officially booked....YAY!!!! Next Monday the 10th. We know the delays will inevitably come, but so far things are humming along.

As I was growing up, I always dreamed of babies. I always wanted babies. However, adoption never crossed my mind I have to say. I have never really known anyone personally who adopted either. So this whole process is quite new territory. I find it extrordinary, that with all of the longing in my heart to share baby experiences with Steve, God has blessed us beyond my wildest dreams by not only allowing us to experience baby things together, but that it is a whole new experience for both of us altogether, through adoption. It's so wonderful to feel God's hand in our lives and I am so grateful for His leading and His timing and His perfect way.

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  1. Jennifer...I am so happy for the two of you. I remember when you were very young and telling me all you ever wanted was your own family, and to have many babies. All you wanted to do in life was take care of your family. What you have said brought those memories back. Wow...boy how time flies. Can't wait to hear the progress on this process.

    Olivia and I were talking about the new baby, and she said wow...I will have a new cousin...and he or she will be black. That is so awesome! It is so wonderful to experience the innocent hearts of the young, who have so little prejudice and open and loving views of the world.

    We are 'im'patiently waiting for the process to be expedited. I know God has his mysterious ways of making things happen. Love you, little sister. ~ Leslie