Friday, May 21, 2010

Application to America World 4/10/2010

Acceptance from America World 4/22/2010

Finger Printed for FBI and Illinois 5/6/2010

First Home Study Visit 5/10/2010

Physicals completed 5/17 and 18/2010

First Garage Sale for Adoption Fund 6/3 and 4/2010

All Paperwork for Dossier is officially aquired, now we wait for Homestudy Completion 6/7/2010

Second Homestudy Done. FBI Clearances are back. 6/11/2010

Final Homestudy done. now we wait for our Homestudy report so we can move to the next step. 7/1/2010

Sent our Application I-600 A  to immigration service. Cannot complete this process until the homestudy report is ready. 7/12/2010

Still waiting on that darn Homestudy 8/29/2010

Today we met our new social worker . She has completed our HomeStudy and it shall be VERY SOON for this process to be done. 10/21/2010

State Certified Documents returned to us. 10/27/2010

Homestudy approved by the state of Illinois 11/29/2010

Homestudy sent off to USCIS 12/6/2010


Final Fingerprints for USCIS Jan 3rd 2010 (our dossier is now ready and waiting for the last and final addition of our USCIS approval  then we can send it off)

Recieved our I-171h from Homeland Security. We are good to go. Sent off our dossier to AWAA. 1/10/11

Dossier approved , now we wait for our official DTE date. 1/11/11

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