Sunday, August 29, 2010

Homestudy and more tales of summer 2010

I know it has been a while since I have updated the goings on for all things Teunis.I will start by saying that although we wrapped up our adoption homestudy on July1, we are still waiting on the finished report to send off to America World and then to the state of Illinois, so that we can move onto the next waiting phase of this wonderful journey. Part of the reason for the wait, is that our social worker is quitting the agency and he is now handing off our homestudy to someone new, by the way....someone we have never met. Although this is not supposed to be casue for alarm, it kind of has me feeling a bit anxious. I am trying to keep it under control, I know God is in this and He isnt going to allow for one more delay than He sees necessary and that makes me breathe a bit eassier.
We have spent the summer making some fun memories. I fell in love with Shipshewanna Indiana ( a sweet little Amish community and a real treasure of a place). Steve and I spent his birthday weekend in July there. S-L-O-W pace doesnt even come close to describing it.

We moved the kids bedrooms around and gave Zack's new room a makeover, baby's room will be next. I have spent alot of time reading. Lots of time on the porch swing.
We did some swing dancing on the wharf in Mystic Ct, as we caravanned with several friends on a road trip out to CBC (Christian Believers Conference.... in Boston. I have been learning to crochet and spending more time cooking and baking.
I guess you might say, I have been making an attemp at being more dileberate in my enjoying the sweet little moments and not getting so caught up in the busy-ness of life.I guess that thought is captured well in the theme song for my summer...America Honey ( I fell in love with that song this summer, it will forever represent  Summer 2010 to me).  

So as school gets back into full swing now, and football season is upon us....Here comes school concerts and crowded calendars and soon enough the snow will start to fly......I am so grateful for the sweet days of summer.