Friday, May 21, 2010

Father, Thank You for the ability You have given me through Your Son Jesus Christ to come to You in prayer. Thank You for designing my heart and my ears and eyes to be open to You.

I am mindful of those in my life who are struggling with different issues and illnesses and family issues and just life. I ask that you protect my dear friends from the enemy's arrows this day and provide them with strength and courage and Your wisdom for making important decisions. You have blessed me beyond measure with such dear friends and it is my honor to bring them to You in their times of distress.

I ask Your forgiveness where I fall short, and for Your continuing Grace that I may become stronger each day. Protect me Lord from the things and people and matters of this life that can so easily distract me from the path You have set before me. Help me to stay strong and focused and at the ready to serve, when those opportunities arise. Help me to be open and aware of how You are leading my life this day.

I am so grateful for Your provisions in my life, for the way You guide and lead our family and have blessed us with opportunities to show You in our lives. I ask that You continue to keep a hedge of protection around us and our children, including the new little one out there that we dont know yet. I ask for Your continued blessing on Steves job and his efforts in working so hard and balancing all that he does. We love You Lord ~ In Jesus Name....Amen

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