Monday, May 10, 2010

First home study visit down. We are making good progress and looking forward to wrapping up the paperwork portion. I know we are a ways out, but it's so awesome to feel a bit of progress and to dream about our new little baby Teunis.

Mothers Day was sweet. We spent a nice lunch out after church with granny and then Steve and Rick and Zack all went with me to see the new movie/documentary "BABIES". Wow, what an eye opener that was. I am so grateful that God placed me in the USA. Its amazing to see what little ones endure as just normal in other countries, and yet we wouldnt even have our pets living in such conditions. I went to this movie expecting warm and fuzzies and actually hid my eyes for some parts. Im a wimp I guess.

Now we are off to dance practice. With our medal ball performance behind us, we are going to be working on fun stuff now.

Back to the grind.........

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