Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our disappointments are God's appointments

This has been quite a day. As a matter of fact, today has been one of those days that went in a totally different direction that I had planned. Not that I really had any fantastic plans, but I just did not expect that He had something HUGE for me to do today. But He did and I am so grateful that I recognized the need and made time to answer His call.

In preparing for this adoption I have really taken notice of how God is using this prep work for His work on my heart. I have had to, and been moved to, examine things that I normally wouldn't, very closely. Maybe as part of our Home Study or maybe because I have had conversations with people who don't really quite understand what we are doing or why. In any case, I have been reminded of how God has led me and made himself known to me. Of how and why I have made the choices I have made and how those choices didn't really make much sense at the time, but they make perfect sense now. How God makes perfect sense of our nonsense when we simply let Him be The Leader of our life. My life has had many disappointments, but I am convinced that those disappointments were preparing me, all along, for this God Appointment. All of my life lessons have pointed me directly to Him. The more in-love I fall with Him, the more my heart wants to please Him and seek Him and do for Him.

Thank You God for transforming my ways to your ways and my disappointments to Your Appointments. Thank You for loving me and guiding me before I even knew You. Thank You for giving me eyes to see and for designing my heart to follow your lead.

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