Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring in Coming.............

We are thawing out here in Chicagoland. little buds are showing up on the trees and tulips will be popping any minute. We started Spring with a FABULOUS Spring Break trip down south where the roses are in full bloom!!!!

We stopped in Nashville and The Grand Ole Opry on our way to Alabama to the Gulf coast. Oh how I love the south. Alabama is our new favorite spot for sure. If you ever cant find me....look south. I like to think of myself as a southern girl. I was born and raised in the south after was just southern California. In any case.....I loved the week of sunshine and surf. It was great to have Steve with us for a whole week too as he has been traveling so much lately.

It was much needed family time. We spent alot of time on the beach, went to the USS ALABAMA, did some shopping and of course made a visit or two to The Waffel House.

While we were away...our adoption agency went referral crazy and we went from #41 to #36 for an infant girl!!!! YAY. Still a ways to go, yes....but we will take it. 36 is my new favorite number!!!

Zack trying to catch his towel  in the wind.

Rick and Zack looking for some waves

loving the sunshine!!

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