Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Latest News in TeunisLand

Well the date that we have been working towards for many months now, finally came and was assigned to our family last Friday. Teunis' are officially DTE ( Dossier To Ethiopia) on January 14th, 2011 for an infant girl 0-12 mos.We certainly still have a long wait ahead of us, but all of the paperwork, and protecting the paperwork, is done. It feels really good to finally be standing in line and now be able to focus on all  of the many things still to do to prepare for the life change of having a baby in the house again. We will be having a blast making a little baby girl room, of which my hubs has already started and actually almost finished. We will be taking a wonderful spring break vacation back to the Gulf Coast and thawing our from our wintery weariness and finally get some sunshine on this skin. We will be saving ,saving ,saving for the impending "To The Ends Of The Earth" journey for our baby girl. Mostly though, we are going to be looking ahead with wonder as we wait for ~The Call~  that tells us our wait is almost over and we have a daughter.

We look forward to posting the adventures of our  journey here and until there is more to tell, we ask that you continue to pray for the process and for patience for us.

Steve and Jen


  1. We are adopting from AWAA as well. We have our fingerprinting appt. in 2 days. We live 40 min. from S. Padre so it made me a little curious which gulf coast spot you are going to for vacation!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING DTE!!! Enjoy the weightless feeling of no paperwork for a while! Doesn't it feel so GOOD to know that EVERY single day brings you closer to your daughter! :o)